Repair Central is ready for the new GSX Rest API

Repair Central is ready for the new GSX Rest API

Have you seen that Apple has released the new GSX Rest API? Announced last year, the new API has passed a testing and implementation period in the last months and was finally released for use in late July. We at Repair Central joined this process and we are 100% compatible with the new technology 🤩

Apple is rebuilding GSX APIs practically from scratch, moving from SOAP technology to Restful, which uses the HTTP protocol for connection. This means that all systems that use the old API will need to update it in order to continue using it.

For Repair Central customers, there's nothing to worry about: our platform is built fully compatible with the new API and it's already in use 😉

If you are not a customer yet, contact us and start using the new API, plus enjoy our tools designed specifically for AASPs.

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